• Incubateur à Y-Parc

  • Technopôle de la micro-soudure

  • Lac de Neuchâtel

    © Sébastien Staub
  • Technopôle de la micro-soudure

    Platon à Sainte-Croix
  • Y-Parc

    © Joana Abriel
  • Technopôle de la micro-soudure

  • Y-Parc

    © Félix Oberhänsli


At the crossroads of the A1 and A5 motorways, on the Geneva-Zurich and Geneva-Basel rail routes, as well as the TGV express railway line linking Vallorbe and Paris in 3 h 15 min, Northern Vaud is strategi-cally placed in the heart of west Switzerland.

First-class quality of establishment enhanced by the following advantages:

  • Highly qualified work force
  • Rail-road interface
  • Well-equipped industrial zones, in prime locations
  • 50-ha science center
  • Technical zone for water and environment
  • Agri-food zone
  • Research and training centers
  • Facilities for technology transfer
  • Taxation favorable to innovative projects